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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Sun Pharma has bought Ranbaxy for $4 billion to create the world’s fifth-biggest generic drugmaker.

Sun buys Ranbaxy for $4 billion
Dilip sanghvi, sun pharma promoter
The move will make the company the largest pharma firm in India, while Daiichi Sankyo – majority owner of Ranbaxy – will become the second largest shareholder in Sun Pharma with a 9% stake and the right to nominate one director to Sun Pharma’s Board of Directors.

Dilip Shanghvi, Managing Director of Sun Pharma said in a release, “Ranbaxy has a significant presence in the Indian pharma market and in the US where it offers a broad portfolio of ANDAs and first-to-file opportunities. In high-growth emerging markets, it provides a strong platform which is highly complementary to Sun Pharma’s strengths,”
Under the agreement, Ranbaxy shareholders will get 0.8 shares of Sun Pharma for each Ranbaxy share.
Arun Sahwney, managing director and chief executive officer of Ranbaxy said in a statement, “Sun Pharma has a proven track record of creating significant long-term shareholder value and successfully integrating acquisitions into its growing portfolio of assets,”

Who Will Benefit?

Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd is the parent company of Ranbaxy as they acquired it from previous promoters and investors. As soon as Ranbaxy was acquired, their plants came under a scanner from US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which troubled Daiichi as their own reputation was under stake.
Now, they will be the most relived entity as Sun Pharma will manage all such cases pertaining to Ranbaxy. Daiichi will now control 9% of Sun Pharma as a result of the current acquisition.
Insiders are claiming that Daiichi will sell this 9% stake as well and come out of the business all together.
Ranbaxy shareholders have cheered this latest development as their shares have gained since the announcement of this deal.